Clinical Governance

For Outback Futures, offering quality, reliable and professional clinical care is our utmost priority. Consequently, we are committed to developing and maintaining a clinical governance framework for continuously improving the safety and quality of our services, and safeguarding high standards of requirements, national guidance and local requirements. Clinical Governance is supported by clear organisational accountabilities, our unique model of clinical service delivery called “Community Facilitation”, the development of an open culture of transparency and growth and a commitment to quality and care at all levels of the organisation.

Clinical Governance is by no means new to Outback Futures but sits in a robust framework as a series of processes to make it more intentional and to support existing good practice.

Our Clinical Governance framework incorporates four core principles of Leadership and clinical accountability; Quality clinical practice and service delivery; Risk Minimising processes; and Appropriate and quality clinical monitoring and reporting. Above all, this framework will ensure that we deliver the safest and most effective services for our clients and other stakeholders.

Selena Gomersal
CEO/Registered Psychologist
Outback Futures

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