Shut up and Relax Ceramics

Shut Up & Relax

Outback Futures would like to thank Tracy Murray at Shut Up & Relax for her ongoing support of the work of Outback Futures.

We were thrilled to have some of Tracy’s work at our art exhibition in 2017.

Tracy dabbled in ceramics way back in the 80′s and loved it. But then life, work and family took over.

It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and subsequent treatment left her looking for a way to ease the neuropathy in her hands that she came back to her love of ceramics.

Tracy’s ceramics are made by hand and hold imperfections, showing the small makers marks and imprints that only handmade products can. They are meant to be held in your hands and used every day, not just reserved for special occasions. Every day is special.

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