OFKids is an arm of Outback Futures that focuses on specifically serving the mental and allied health and well-being of the children in our rural and remote families. There is no doubt that children of our isolated farming families are significantly disadvantaged in terms of the support services and resources that are accessible to them…. whether this be assessments and therapy related to developmental delays, or learning disabilities and educational struggles, or whether we are talking about their opportunities to connect with playgroups, sporting teams and other such team or community based services.

Key components and services of OFKids include:

Paediatric mental and allied health services offered by professionals experienced in working with children. For example: Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Learning and Literacy resources/services, more specifically the “Literacy Safety Net” Project which is about addressing gaps in the educational process of remote children being created by certain fundamental opportunities for skill development and understanding being missed or lost in the critical early foundational learning stages. This “Safety Net Project” involves provision of support through assessments, individual program development, curriculum support and resourcing.

Literacy packs - individually tailored packs are available for loan from Outback Futures, and contain all the elements required for effective understanding and skill development in specific areas of literacy and for specific ages and stage of development. Literacy packs are accompanied by one on one phone and/or Skype support individually tailored for each child and their specific requirements.

OF KidsVids – multi-media educational snatches or mini videos provide visual connection with a trusted OFKids team member presenting various aspects of learning, offering the home schoolroom a new face and pace. These KidsVids will be available via USB, thus making them accessible to families with poor internet services and limited download capacity.

Playgroup Outback Futures can provide a “pop-up playgroup” directed by an early childhood specialist, offering families the chance to give their younger children interaction and play in a playgroup environment similar to that which their city counterparts often participate in on a regular basis. This playgroup also provides the team’s paediatric professionals the context for client observation in a ‘normal’ play capacity, giving them valuable information about skills, developmental milestones and capabilities of these children.

Please get in touch for more information on OFKids: info@outbackfutures.org.au

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