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About Us

Outback Futures is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing regular, professional and consistent allied health services to rural and remote Queenslanders. Outback Futures is governed by a unique combination of trusted bush and city personnel committed to a bush-informed agenda and a vision for renewing hope, building community and strengthening resilience in Outback Queensland. The primary vehicle of service delivery is remote mobile allied health clinics supported by "Stay with Me" - our interim ongoing phone and Skype services.

Pay It Forward

Outback Futures services are offered free of charge, and whilst we do receive some Government funding, we continue to rely heavily on fundraising, grants and donations. If you personally, or you know someone who has benefited from connecting with Outback Futures, please consider making a tax deductible contribution to the ongoing work of Outback Futures through our 'Pay it Forward' program.
Click here to Pay it Forward.


Outback Futures is proud to be partnering with some amazing organisations who have given us grants to support our work. We'd like to thank the Amanda Flynn Foundation, Marian & EH Flack Trust, Allens Funding, Westpac and Western Queensland Primary Health Network (WQPHN) for their support of the work we are doing for families in rural and remote Queensland. To make a donation to Outback Futures, please visit our Donations Page.  

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