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About Us

Outback Futures (OF) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing regular, professional and consistent allied health services to rural and remote Queenslanders. OF is governed by a unique combination of trusted bush and city personnel committed to a bush-informed agenda and a vision for renewing hope, strengthening resilience and building community in Outback Queensland. The primary vehicle of service delivery is remote mobile allied health clinics supported by "Stay with Me" - our interim ongoing phone and Skype services.

In the News

Over the last 12 months, Outback Futures has attached its mobile allied health clinics to many events across Rural Queensland. For example, a Pre-Boarding event in November 2015 where our clinicians ran workshops on "Transitioning to Boarding" for adults and students. The team also delivered therapy and counselling services across the two days of the event. Another clinic involved our team again visiting Charters and attaching to the ICPA's "Fit for Rural Futures" sports camp. At the camp our select team of professionals (representing the fields of  learning & literacy, psychology & counselling and physiotherapy) delivered over 76 hours of direct therapy. The team also ran sessions on life skills/health and wellbeing topics such as "Resilience and Stress Management" and "Women's Health, Posture in the School Room and Back Care".    


  • "The Outback Futures Clinic gave me the chance to get help for my child that I otherwise wouldn't have received. My eyes are opened and I now have some strategies."
  • "With Outback Futures, it is not just a job, but more like a calling. They actually care."
  • "Outback Futures has offered me the opportunity for consistency in the care of my children. A rare gift."

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